Poster-Drawing made in 2015 for the

Poster-Drawing made in 2014 for the

Poster-Drawing made in 2013 for the

Caricatur made in 2013 for hen party T-shirts and as a funny marriage gift.

Caricature made in 2013 as a marriage-gift.

Portrait from a musician made in 2013, that was a birthday gift.

Poster-Drawing made in 2012 for the

Painted in 2010 for the interior of one of my favorite Wine Bars called "Cristal Oenoteque".

Etching showing the famous statue of Giulietta from Verona (I) I made in 2005 for the Academy of Fine Arts G.B. Cignaroli, Verona.

The prints were sent to Chicago, USA, and donated at the organizing committee of the "Chicago Sister Cities International Program".