The art I create is quite personal and speaks about what matters to me or what I’m worrying about in a certain period of my life. Of course there’s not only the personal aspect or my own world, but also things that come from outside, such as materials that inspire me, or even a place (in the case of an installation),and a spontaneous approach.

I use to collect images, materials and sentences that mean something to me. In my works I try to combine them to express what I want to.


I’m interested in different types of expression, like the body- and face-expression and the language(s). That's why I show a certain fragment of a body in a certain position or tension in combination with words or text that underlines the meaning/interpretation/atmosphere of the body fragment or goes in the opposite direction.  Of course, also the texture and the color and a lot of other visual elements are important.


The medium I use most of all is the acrylic painting (as well as various drawing mediums) on different material, such as used carton (from carton boxes) or wood. I also work with installations where I use paper and transparent materials or other objects I find. So parts of the material I use are often found objects. They are old and I like the fact that they already have a history or had another use then being a painting support. The  fact that these materials are well known by anyone (because they are part of daily life), and often they are already a bit damaged, takes away part of the sterility and distance that an art object can imply to the spectators.


I always start from my own point of few, preoccupations, interests, beliefs, my history, my life and my experience. But I don’t want to create something with a ‘too closed’ idea, and I also ask myself what could be understood and shared by other people and what not. And there is not just one way to read my images: of course everyone has the possibility to interpret them how he wants, and to combine words or sentences where they are all mixed up or divided.


The texts I use or the topics I'm worrying about are often existential and emotional. For example, they can be advices about what really matters in life and therefore make the spectator  think about what certain words or certain figures communicate to him, if he shares certain ideas or not. It takes away the attention from daily life or senseless troubles.